Turbine Unveils DDO Update 16: The Netherese Legacy

Hot on the heels of Hurricane Sandy and the sad news of recent layoffs, Turbine Entertainment has unleashed the first details and new screenshots for The Netherese Legacy. The sixteenth update to grace Dungeon & Dragons Online since becoming a free-to-play forerunner, The Netherese Legacy features the ability for players to shapeshift to their favorite animal forms, gaining attack damage, Two-Weapon and Unarmed fighting capabilities. Shifted heroes are also capable of unleashing powerful buffs and summoning other creatures to battle.

A perfect fight for the already-capable and newly-released Druid class, a character that has completed its Primal Avatar Epic Destiny is a formidable hero for any adventure. Naturally, the update includes a handful of new adventures – free to VIPs. The Netherese Legacy makes five new dungeons available, tasking players with locating the Oriphanun Huntsilver and his journal.

Hit the jump for screenshots from the upcoming update and the details to the incoming abilities.Ability Highlights

  • Friends of Nature: Call on the smaller animals of the forest for aid, granting helpful auras to party members.
  • Dryad Elder: Call upon a Dryad Elder for aid. This formidable ally calls upon lightning, storms, cold, and the earth itself to damage enemies. She is even capable of healing wounds and raising fallen allies.
  • Stormrage: Channel the raw power of lightning to do additional damage to enemies struck with attacks and spells for a short period of time. Each foe can only be struck with Stormrage once, making this ability ideal when fighting groups.
  • Avatar of Nature: Become the incarnation of nature’s rage by taking the form of a hulking swamp-being. While in this form, knock over enemies and deal impressive damage!