SMITE North America Championship: Results Are In

IMG_6675The two-day party at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre thrown by Hi-Rez Studios has come to its epic conclusion. The winner of the weekend was, aside from SMITE fans that arrived, those that won our Guan-Yu 2014 Convention skins, and the digital cheerers was Cognitive. The California eSports group took first and second this year, knocking long-playing Team Dignitas and compLexity, who lost its jungler to Team Dignitas early this year, in the semi final rounds.

It was no surprise that Cognitive had a strong showing. The teams had a combined record of 31-9 during SMITE Pro League season one. Easily securing the top two spots and scoring them byes for Round 1 of the NA Championship. The seasonal outcome pit Team Dignitas against Fat Chunks, a team that coalesced late in the NA Pro League Qualifiers and placed second in the open invitation Play-in Cup. compLexity paired against Rambozos, the underdog of the sextuplet that earned their way in from the Challenger Cup. That being an open wildcard tournament.

Beyond the jump you’ll find all the results, photos from the event and more.


Team Dignitas vs. Fat Chunks

Dignitas, one of the oldest competitive teams for SMITE, had reason for concern against Fat Chunks. The team may not have performed well during league player, placing 5th, but Fat Chunks managed to split the seasonal encounters 2-2. Dignitas needn’t worry. Knowing their enemy proved advantageous. Dignitas easily dismantled Fat Chunks’ strategy, twice, sweeping the series 2-0 through lopsided play.

compLexity vs. Rambozos

Being a heavy underdog is rarely a position of envy. Coming in from the Challenger Cup The Rambozos had never been truly tested. The group had never played in such a demanding environment. Never had the stress of cameras, fans and streamers as they sat in their selected comfort. Their success enabled them to feel the heat of battle in LAN play against compLexity. The squad gave a valiant effort but the oft-commanding play of compLexity reared its head to sweep the series.

Team Dignitas vs. Cognitive Red Going nearly .500, Team Dignitas appears to learn from its mistakes well. Splitting the seasonal series with Red means the squads have equal chances to view film and adapt. Red was fresh thanks to its bye on Saturday, but Dignitas’ win over Fat Chunks slow and methodical without much risk leaving them mentally aware. It’s unlikely that any type of fatigue played a part in the ensuing sweep of Team Dignitas. Cognitive Red outplayed Dignitas as it had done to Fat Chunks.

compLexity vs. Cognitive Prime

compLexity finished its league play 11-9. In a recurring pattern these two teams once again split their seasonal match ups after passing the lead back and forth. Prime had the last victory in early October. Not every team will devour tape and adjust. compLexity went the other way in game 1, throwing its playbook out the window and adopting a strategy that could have rocked their opponent’s gameplan. Prime didn’t bit, crushing the unusual choices. compLexity returned to a more common style for game 2 and earned itself a win making the series the first non-sweep in the tournament. Prime was unphased by its loss and took the next two games handedly to close out the second best of five semi final.

Cognitive Prime vs. Cognitive Red

Prime came into the finals with a game edge on their sister squad from the pro league. Scrimmages between the two are common occurrences. And with both having already secured a spot in January’s World Championship why not begin an inter team best of three face off by dancing around each other and waving to the camera? Cheeky bastards. Prime had wrapped its defeat of compLexity roughly less than an hour earlier. Remnant adrenaline could have pushed them to play a bit aggressive early, which eventually lead to the win. Red was undeterred refocusing their effort to easily, if always cautiously, taking the next two games and the $15,000 grand prize.

Final Results

  • First Place: Cognitive Red
  • Second Place: Cognitive Prime
  • Third Place (tie): comLexity & Team Dignitas
  • Fifth Place (tie): Fat Chunks & Team Rambozos