SMITE, Now with More God of Rain

Forget the cold. Baby, it’s wet outside. Hi-Rez Studios introduced the latest god to its increasing roster of the god-based third-person MOBA SMITE. The largest change is that Chaac, the Maya God of Rain, is available now. However, that’s not the only major revision to gameplay. Vulcan, just revisited a few weeks ago, has received a second retuning, grabbing a new ult, passive and 1.

Naturally, no patch comes without its heap of Au. The latest sees the addition of sparkly Guan Yu and Tyr. New voice packs are spread between Kali, Ao Kuang and the just added Chaac. Usability changes and enhancements to numerous menus will once again greet those that have been away for awhile, including some interesting changes to the Loading Card system.

Chaac is a dangerous physical melee combatant. Capable of numerous debuffs to enemies and trolling around with high sustainability, Chaac is a force (of nature) to be reckoned with for any champion with low defense, mobility or escape options. Looking at you, Anubis. Better hope you land that wrap.