SOE Revises PlanetSide 2 Membership Benefits

PlanetSide 2 is one of many games about to be made available that offers a multitude of options for players to support the developer. Everything from not paying a cent to full subscription. The shooter has been in beta for sometime, which has allowed Sony Online Entertainment to collect enormous amounts of feedback on all aspects of the game, including how players were reacting to the early membership benefits.

Apparently, the playerbase wasn’t ecstatic with the benefits, which has caused SOE to modify them. Earlier this week, SOE posted revised and final membership benefits.

For $14.99 a month, subscribers will receive:

  • 25-50% increased resource gain.
  • 25-50% increased XP gain.
  • 25-50% increased passive cert point gain.
  • Note: Each of the above start at 25% and increase by 5% per month of sustained membership up to a total bonus of 50% each at 6+ months membership.
  • Priority login queue
  • Early Access to new cosmetic items on the store
  • 500 StationCash each month (a $5.00 value)

Notable changes include the removal of “increased resource pool caps,” removing a controversial pay-for-power benefit. The range in benefits are a result of membership lengths. To gain the full 50% increase players must purchase a six-month membership. Currently, the monthly option is the only membership package available.