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Why Planetside 2 is failing

January 17, 2013 Mike 11

I’m a big fan of Planetside 2, but months after its release it’s clear the game is not the blockbuster hit many thought it would be. First-person-shooters are arguably the […]

Planetside 2 Review

November 26, 2012 Mike 6

When Planetside 2 launched last week, like many MMO launches, it was a bumpy one with the majority of players unable to log into the servers for hours, myself included. […]

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GDC 2012 MMO Run-down

March 9, 2012 Mike 0

The 2012 Game Developers Conference (GDC) is in its last day, and as it winds down, we take a look back. While GDC generally isn’t a big conference in terms […]

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The Upcoming MMOGs of 2012

December 30, 2011 LHStaff 5

It’s not quite over yet, but 2011 was not a banner year for the MMOG genre. There was no massive success, no breakaway hit. Players did receive their handful of […]