Star Trek Online: Delta Rising Officially Coming in October

lh_delta_rising_star_trek_online_expansionCryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment have made it official. Star Trek Online will be receiving its second full expansion by way of Delta Rising this coming October. The official announcement comes rife with confirmations of our earlier post on the subject.

The largest piece of new information details the expansion’s placement in the annals of Star Trek lore. Delta Rising is set 30 years after the events of Voyager, placing players in the dangerous unknown of the Delta Quadrant. A newly discovered portal in the Dyson Sphere awards quick access to the territory that Voyager famous charted.

Most profoundly lauded was the level cap increase from level 50 to 60. STO executive producer Stephen D’Angelo pointed out that this is the first increase in four long years. Naturally, such an increase opens the way for additional gear, ships and officers to be placed under your more experienced captain’s command.

Hit the jump for the latest screenshots, including your first look at the alien races being introduced as part of Delta Rising.