You Had Me At Molten Core 40-man

lh_molten_core_tarren_mill_wow_anniversary_ohmygodOh, my god. Oh, my god. OH. MY. GOD! I’m currently waving my hands back and forth and lightly switching my weight from one foot to the other in the most girlish way possible. This emasculating display to my cat is due to the revelation of the upcoming events for the World of Warcraft Tenth Anniversary celebration. In the meantime, WoW is quietly updating in the background as this piece is being penned. It may be months away, scheduled for a November release in time with the true anniversary, but holy C’thun am I excited.

Blizzard Entertainment is teasing two very old school vanilla events. Milestones of many of the 6 or so million of WoW players that still remain. Heck, for a large swath of the gaming humanity, Molten Core is where raiding teeth were cut (and tears were shed). In addition to “a special 40-player Raid Finder version” of Molten Core, Blizzard will be rekindling the epic open-world PvP that was Tarren Mill vs. Southshore. Largely decimated by the introduction of Battlegrounds, the Eastern Kingdoms struggle of these closely positioned faction strongholds will be return by way of a Team Deathmatch-style Battleground.

A clear winner will be had.

More details are needed, such as is MC is actually re-tuned or simply introduced to the Raid Finder in its original 40-man level 60 tune? As if the first appearance of Ragnaros isn’t enough, those that successfully desummon the Firelord will earn themselves a special Achievement and a Core Hound mount. Simply login during the celebration for a bundle of fiery cuteness in a Molten Corgi.