Star Wars Celebration: Battlefront Early Details


The trailer for Battlefront is now live, and as you can see, EA and DICE have seemingly pulled through in creating what could be the Star Wars game we fans have been waiting for.  The promise of being able to play as classic Star Wars heroes and villains, most notably seen in the trailer are Darth Vader and Boba Fett, has gamers in an uproar here at Celebration.  We heard from the Battlefront design director Nicklas Fegraeus and have learned that aside from expansive world maps and the addition of 3rd person POV, we will be able to utilize tech and vehicles such as imperial walkers, call Y-Wing bomber airstrikes, and even get into the various ships, hitting the skies for some intense dog fighting.  We even saw the Millenium Falcon in the trailer, so hopefully we will be able to pilot that iconic “piece of junk.”

Battlefront has a release date of November 17th, and all purchases of the game come with FREE DLC for the Battle of Jakku, available December 8th.  However, if you preorder Battlefront, you’ll be getting that DLC expansion a full week early, as I know I will be.  Keep checking back for more on Battlefront, as well as TOR and the rest of our coverage from Star Wars Celebration here in Anaheim!

Head past the cut to check out the full trailer from the show floor. Why view our version of the trailer instead of what’s available on the official YouTube channel? Simple, we’ve the crowd’s reaction to every laser blast, explosion, reveal and stormtrooper. And don’t forget our earlier Star Wars Battlefront coverage from the show.