Stone Wardens Kickstarter Campaign Closes Early

In the same seven-day span that saw Denis Dyack, the designer behind Eternal Darkness and recently relaunched Kickstarter spiritual successor Shadow of the Eternals, call crowdsourcing the “future of game development” gamers witness a developer canceling its own Kickstarter campaign ahead of an inevitable missed goal. Stone Wardens, which we introduced to you as part of our love of TD meets RPG earlier this month, was pulled with a few days left to go.

Severely underfunded at just over $10,000 of a $225,000 goal with about four days remaining, Burst Online Entertainment ended its chance at Kickstarter funding. However, it doesn’t spell doom for the title. Burst continues to push for Steam Greenlight status and is actively working to get a PayPal and other payment campaigns setup.

The upbeat attitude from Burst Online in the project’s comments section eludes to a potential second chance effort, which have been successful in the past. Not only is the Philadelphia-based company investigating alternative funding methods, but it’s actively courting YouTube personalities to help push the pre-alpha project to the next level.