SWC: HiRezKelly on SMITE eSports & Breaking Into Streaming

lh_smite_world_championship_SWC_Kelly-LinkHiRezKelly wasn’t always the female face of SMITE eSports. Nope, she joined that crew after having her own successful stream over at HelloKellyLink. A stream that is still plenty alive with over 35,000 followers and a slim margin shy of 1.5M views. This not only means she knows a thing or two about the eSports industry, but streaming as well. Hi-Rez Studios, her current employer and the maker of SMITE, recently had a small shindig that enabled us to hunt down the girl in the little black dress for some Q&A on topics near and dear to the hearts of our community (and us, naturally).

Clocking in at under six minutes, our discussion includes the incredible journey of the prize pool for the SMITE World Championship from a delectable $600,000 to the incredible final sum of $2.6 million plus. But the discussion wasn’t focused on money. Rather, we took a tangential view from Hi-Rez’s recent “breaking into the game industry” video segueing discussion to the bombastic growth of eSports and the associated market of streaming. Most importantly to some will be a frank conversation on the competitive spirit, perhaps even social stigma, that causes some people to overlook eSports as an avenue.

After watching the video we’d love to hear your thoughts on the focus of the last two minutes or so of discussion. Do you find eSports an acceptable professional for any and everyone? Hit the jump to take a gander and leave us your thoughts in the comments.