The Eternal Crusade Community Lets Me Know What’s Up

lh_eternal_crusade_Skarblitz_orks_dakkaLast week behaviour Entertainment released the latest newsletter for Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade. The newsletter was, well, a bit shy on details relative to what we’ve seen in the past. It made me realize, at least at the moment, that it wasn’t an outlier, an anomaly, a white dwarf. It had become a trend. I hadn’t seen newsletter with much meat. The website wasn’t being updated with tantalizing details to in-game story, gameplay or faction reveals as it was for so long.

Fairly, much of the easy marketing pieces have been revealed. The company has to dig a bit further to get us as excited as we were with the first screenshots and videos, then new tech, faction reveals and details on environments we’ll be roaming. Writing last week’s post I called out to the community. I realized that perhaps it wasn’t the amount of detail coming out that had slowed but the importance. Or that items were drowned out in an odd torrent of spring game news. Whatever the reason I figured the hardcore zealots of 40k could help out. While some members of the community were concerned as well. I believed in them. I dug around. They tried. A couple of reveals that I’ve missed:

My cynicism, unfortunately, remains. As evidence I point to the official News section of the Eternal Crusade website. Nothing but community votes, livestream “news”, cosplay and more shorts.