The WarZ Pulled from Steam, Valve & Hammerpoint Apologize

Released to Steam on Monday after a seemingly short beta phase, The WarZ can no longer be purchased from Valve’s digital distribution house. The survival horror MMO from Hammerpoint upset the Internet for being less than polished at launch. So much so that the marketing jargon for the title didn’t match up with the actual product, leading to claims of outright fraud.

Claims include the size of the map, amount of players a server can reasonably hold and, apparently, nearly every other bullet point on the product page.

Due to the allegations and reactions from customers, Valve took it upon itself to remove the game from its service, following up with an apology.

From time to time a mistake can be made and one was made by prematurely issuing a copy of War Z for sale via Steam. We apologize for this and have temporary removed the sale offering of the title until we have time to work with the developer and have confidence in a new build. Those who purchase the game and wish to continue playing it via Steam may do so. Those who purchased the title via Steam and are unhappy with what they received may seek a refund by creating a ticket at our support site here.

Developer Hammerpoint responded to the removal of its game by promising to correct the store page and leaving a note that every business should be striving for. “Bottom line – our end goal is to have satisfied and not angry customers, so this is more important for us than everything else.” said Sergey Titov.

Kotaku has been following the story closely. Destructoid has more.


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