TOME: Immortal Arena Now Available on Steam with New Mode

Colosseum_04TOME: Immortal Arena, perhaps one of the most impressive browser-based game to date and one that impressed us at PAX, is to no longer have that specific designation. Kixeye’s multiplayer online battle arena is now available with hundreds of other titles on the Steam digital distribution platform. The crossover of TOME beefs up the service’s F2P offers further, more so to the MOBA genre. Given the web version still exists, it’s not as if TOME is giving up a distinctive advantage.

Players that have been earning blessings, watching and joining our streams and farming artifacts don’t care right? Not at all. Steam adoption was the icing on the cake for this morning’s launch. The real draw, sorry Steam, is the new game mode, Sanctuary. The new map is home to 5v5 PvP and player vs. bots domination. The first that TOME has seen. Collective accessibility and matches of 10-15 minutes in length remain as Sanctuary expectations.

Oh, and do you recall how hilarious I’ve found the arena announcer in TOME? I just found out why. Bruce Campbell and his sarcastic comedic timing is the man behind the mic. Wonder if he wrote the lines too.