Trion Worlds Busts Bugs in Defiance, Offers Compensation Package

Launch issues are nothing new to MMOG players. From server stability to lag to loot lag, any veteran of at least one launch can chew your ear offer with hilarious or frustrating misfires. Trion Worlds and its open-world MMO shooter Defiance was no different. Not it’s only problem by any means, but perhaps the most glaring was Defiance getting caught in the mud of console MMOGs.

The Xbox Live server cluster was just an unknown variable largely outside Trion’s control causing massive headaches. Other issue included the more typical headaches, server and client stability, queues, bugs, such as missing exclusive items, balances and the required hotfixes, server restarts and patches to fix them.

Trion Worlds has taken the issues in stride, providing timely feedback to its community and promising a major patch before the launch of the synergistic TV show debut on April 15. That massive bug-busting patch is now live, but not before Nathan Richardsson, the title’s Executive Producer, announced a compensation package for all current players. The suffering you’ve experience is being bought with an exclusive title and 1-week boosts to everything.

Not too shabby as the game hasn’t been out even two weeks yet.