Turbine Unveils New Dungeons & Dragons dungeon A Lesson in Deception

Ramping up the community for Dungeons & Dragons Online isn’t too difficult for Turbine Entertainment. But, boy, must it be rewarding. Following the reveal of new dangerous foes, the developer unveiled one of the dungeons coming to DDO by way of the title’s second expansion.

A Lesson in Deception places adventurers in the perilous Wheloon where a nefarious resident is attempting to cement his power over the town by uniting all its criminals under his thumb. Players are tasked with posing as a new recruit to invade the prison city and discover the boss of the growing sect of organized crime.

After the cut you’ll see residents of Wheloon, environments and a pack of hounds spread across nearly a dozen unreleased images. Shadowfell Conspiracy will launch on August 19, 2013.