Firefall Open Beta Live! LoreHound Has You Covered

It’s not a light summery blanket either. Lore Hound has been covering Red 5 Studios’ MMO shooter for what seems like half a decade. The long-in-development title and freshman entry from the company opened its arms to the world earlier today and there’s oh so much to do in and around New Eden. You’ve got PvP, PvE, dynamic events, multiple battleframes to play with, deep character customization, sniping, flying and that Jetball thingamabob.

Red 5 Studios is celebrating the start of open beta with new Beta Starter Packs and a festival dedicated to its pride and joy. Firefall Fest runs all day today and tomorrow, July 10.

Remember that live-action teaser from a few days ago? Well, the full-length edition is live and after the cut. We’ve so many trailers, interviews, and general coverage of Firefall after the cut that it’ll make your head spin. Or keep you busy while you download the game.