WBIE & MLG Put Cart Before Horse with Infinite Crisis Partnership

In a vain sense of marketing, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and MLG have signed a partnership for the upcoming MOBA from Turbine Entertainment. Never mind the fact that Infinite Crisis is in super early closed beta testing. In fact, the exciting property only has a handful of playable gods and has been tested by a large audience just twice. Let’s not forget that Turbine Entertainment, while and incredibly talented and experienced MMORPG developer, has never been heralded for its PvP expertise. Let alone development of an massive multiplayer battle arena.

It’s not that I’m pessimistic. In fact, by nature I am quite the opposite. It’s just that the company, and title, are in the earliest of stages. Time, even if it’s at the parent corporate level, is best spent tailoring the game before making third-party agreements. Sure, the long-term expectations speaks volumes for the confidence WBIE has in its subsidiary, but the timing is wrong. All wrong.


The synergy of competitive play and the DC universe will kick off in a few weeks at E3. Come June 11-13, players from Complexity and Curse Academy will compete live from the WB Games booth.

I can’t wait to see how the professional teams showcase how broken a game so early in development is…

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