We Ask Multiple Devs if the MMO Genre is Dead

ETC Show thinks the topic is of interest.

What do you do when you’ve read multiple articles over months – years?-  that had a singular focus; that the MMO genre as a whole is in decline? I don’t recall writing one of those myself, but I’ve certainly thought about it, even discussed it during a variety of our livestreams. The closest I have come is a general observation that the genre doesn’t demo well followed by the obvious shift of money from MMOs to MOBAs.

Given that E3 has become ever more useless for us here at Lore Hound – most MOBA/MMO devs skip it entirely – we had to wait for PAX West for an opportunity to query multiple developers of the world’s most popular, and profitable massive multiple online games on a topic they likely aren’t exactly comfortable discussing openly. What you’ll find after the cut is an interesting and exciting take on the future of the former Golden Child genre. We’ve comments from sandbox extraordinair Wildcard Studios to the long-time elephant in the room Blizzard Entertainment and a few in between.

It’s not everyone on the planet. Far from it. But it is everyone that was at PAX West that would go on record about the future state of their genre of choice and how their product hopes to meet that expectation.