E3 2013: World of Battleships E3 Trailer Brings the Boom

Hey, what’s that? There’s a big game convention or something going on this week? Oh, cool. Normally E3 isn’t a bastion of MMOG news, but Wargaming.net never misses a marketing opportunity. But hey, why wait for the actual convention to start when you can just push out your trailer and beat the crowd?

The official E3 trailer is all pomp and circumstance as there’s very little in-game footage on display. That being said, the cinematic trailer is a testament to the company’s overall skill at getting the adrenaline pumping. Things go boom, slice through the water at unfathomable speed and there’s bass. Lots of it.

If the World of Battleships Michael Bay edition didn’t suit your fancy, perhaps the other Wargaming.net E3 tidbit did. That, of course, being the final for real official announcement that World of Tanks is heading to Xbox 360.  This shock absolutely no one that’s been following the recent industry purchases of Wargaming.net.

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