Infinite Crisis Behind-the-Scenes Shenanigans (Video)

Do you enjoy behind the scenes content? Answer that seriously in the comments because I, iTZKooPA, love this stuff. From raw interviews to seeing how a company really acts, behind the scenes coverage can showcase the best and worst of anything. And that’s why it is so freaking amazing. Basically, at best you get the ridiculousness of Borat. At worst, you get the mind numbing tales of Inside Job. Either way, the topic tends to be enlightening.

Turbine Entertainment, the fine folks behind Infinite Crisis, are working on a video series focusing on just that. The latest video series focusing on the upcoming DC comics MOBA features interviews with the dev team, Geoff Johns, Chief Creative Officer, and Jim Lee of DC Entertainment.

The interview piece truly drives home the wide assortment of DC characters that Infinite Crisis features. No video game has feature the multiverse incarnate like Turbine’s first MOBA is attempting to.

To paraphrase. “It’s the most epic thing that can ever happen with the multiverse” says Johns.