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Lore Hound MMOcast 20: Ronix is Here

September 4, 2010 LHStaff 3

[Audio:] Join Amatera, Juggynaut, and newcomer Ronix for this MMOcast. This week’s topics are: Now Playing: Amatera: Mass Effect 2, DJ Hero, StarCraft II Juggynaut: Lego Universe Ronix: Global Agenda […]

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Lore Hound MMOcast 14: Betas are Underhanded Demos

July 17, 2010 LHStaff 5

[Audio:] Join iTZKooPA, Amatera, and Juggynaut as they discuss the latest news in the MMOG world. Topics for the week include: League of Legends Season One Is Upon Us Fallen […]