Shadow of the Mad King Invades Guild Wars 2

The best thing about Halloween celebrations in MMOG is that they rarely last for a single day. ArenaNet’s own celebration for Guild Wars 2 begins today, October 22, 2012 and will conclude on November 5. Players will be treated to far more than simply apple bobbing, masks and and a one off boss encounter. Fear not, costumes and seasonal items are available. The gem store will be full of costumes, tonics and pets. Meanwhile, Black Lion Chests could award you with a Halloween-themed weapon skin. But cosmetic season items are not all players should expect.

ArenaNet has devised a phased event to reveal the fate of the Mad King. A crown wearer for Krytan, the king was slain by his own people while they rebelled against his tyrannical reign. Not content with his death, the body was said to be chopped into chum and his spirit banished to the Underworld. Mad King Thorn’s spirit was said to travel the mortal plain on Halloween, but the wraith hasn’t been seen in over 250 years. And yet something suspicious has begun. Strange energies are forming…

Oh, and let’s not forget the Diorama Contest.

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