Carbine Studios Unveils Final Two WildStar Races (Video)

Nearly two months ago Carbine Studios revealed the final paths for WildStar. The professions, or what most gamers would label them as, spice up gameplay by increasing player choice by dramatically altering gameplay. Now we’ve got some new information to digest, Chua & Mordesh, the final two races. The final count brings the two factions, Exile and Dominion, up to a total of four on each side.

The Chua are an ancient race discovered by early Dominion explorers. Residing on the forest world of Bezgelor, the race is adapt at science and engineering, quickly grasping Dominion technology. For the worse. The rapid mechanization of their society lead to variable wastelands across their home planet. The Chua inevitable tied themselves to the Dominion out of a requirement for resources. In return, the Chua develop advanced weaponry.

The Exile race of Mordesh are almost the exact opposite. Once a gem of the galaxy, the venerable race collapsed after one of its famed alchemical concoctions turned its imbiber into a mindless canabal. Eventually cured, it wasn’t before the Dominion formed a blockade around the planet, forever forcing the Mordesh to live a smuggler’s life.

Beyond that Continue Reading button is more of the hilarious WildStar humor in unveiling the final races.