E3 2013: Ubisoft Announces MMO Shooter Dubbed The Division

Ubisoft, one of the few major publishers to stave off the genre we all know and love, has announced that it’s joining the fray. A part of the publisher’s cash cow Tom Clancy intellectual property, The Division is an upcoming MMO shooter.

The company went so far as to label the title a “massive online” game. Too bad we weren’t informed exactly how massive it will be. Ubisoft did not reveal how large the battles will be or if the massive game will be part of a persistent world.

Like many of today’s games, the title is to feature no distinct classes and allow for customized character development. Solo play, instanced battles and group content that doesn’t scale are all on the charge. The Division features a post-apocalyptic storyline featuring a contagion, released on the public on purpose, turning the United States to a state of chaos.

One massive caveat. Currently, Ubisoft is keeping the title on platforms charged with shooters, consoles. Hit the previous link for access to the first trailer.