Exclusive Interview: The Elder Scrolls Online Lore – Combat, Endgame & the Holy Trinity

The announcement of The Elder Scrolls Online was a disparaging one. Some fans salivated, barely containing their excitement at taking the open-world single-player adventure to the massive multiplayer realm. Others felt it was a cash in, using the name and universe to create a watered down experience. Either way, the new was huge.

ZeniMax Online has been slowly coming out of its shell revealing morsels of juicy information. Being an expert in shells, iTZKooPA corned Nick Konkle in a back alley. The Lead Combat Designer goes into his field of expertise, including discussing the relative need a “holy trinity” grouping, the rotationless combat style and dungeons.

“If you wanna do your crazy builds…we love em.”

Konkle even hangs around to answer a few community questions, including the presence of guilds, such as the Thieves Guild, the characters role in them and numerous other lore topics. Hit the jump for details covering a wide range of The Elder Scrolls Online topics.

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