How to Snag the Gold Skins in SMITE

*Update* This guide is no longer relevant, as Hi-Rez Studios has standardized the process and releases gold and diamond skins with all new gods.

Oh, heavens. It’s not like SMITE hasn’t been taking up enough of our time. The still-in-closed-beta open beta MOBA from Hi-Rez Studios recently modified the progression process in favor of a game mechanic far more appropriate to a MOBA. Favor earns you basic skins and unlocks gods and now players can farm Worshipers instead of experience.

Announced back in mid May, the change enables players to focus on their favorite gods instead of overall player-based experience. By winning a match with a chosen Demigod, Deity or God players earn Worshipers. Once you hit Level 1 with a specific god you’ll unlock the Golden skin for purchase. Alternatively, players can buy the unique skins with large amounts of Favor or a hefty amount of gems.

As of press, details remain scarce on progression past Level 1. Legendary skins, slightly modified Golden skins, become available upon hitting Mastery Level 10. That’s no joke, requiring roughly 100 wins to obtain.

Hit the jump to learn which gods have Golden skins available. And yes, it’s fully expected that each god will have a Golden skin down the road.

Current gods with Golden skins:


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