Lore Hound LivePlay: Maraudon, Scarlet Monastery, + Revisit VC/Stocks/SFK

Begins at 2 PM Pacific Standard Time. Learning from mistakes last night, I come again renewed and refreshed for another LivePlay session! In these runs I will be doing Maraudon – The Wicked Grotto, Maraudon – Foulspore Cavern, Marudon – Earth Song Falls, and Scarlet Monastery – Armory. I  may also revisit Deadmines, Stockades, and Shadowfang Keep to fix what people missed last night. Remember: Blizzard split up long instances, such as Maraudon and Uldaman, and made them “winged” as separate instances like Scarlet Monastery. Plus, all redone instances, such as Deadmines and Stockades, have their loot tables shared amongst all the bosses — no more “hope he drops this specific piece” because they all have a chance to drop it.


  1. okay first off i wanna say that these are highly entertaining. i love the fact that we get to interact with y’all(even with the multiple MMV’s lol). but for future referance, you should put that these are NSFW in the headline, make it HUGE.lol

  2. Haha, yeah. Perhaps we could simply do a community event where you can just chat with all of us or something.

    But again, I apologize for not giving a heads up at the NSFW content that shouldn’t have happened. It won’t happen again due to me no longer relying on my friends for help.

  3. I digress.

    We shall see if we can have a more “directed” banter between us in the future, rather than outright offensive comments.

    Only time will tell :)

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