Neverwinter Character Customization Up to Cryptic Standards

Cryptic Studios has been known as producing the most robust character customization options in the MMORPG universe. Titles since its original production, City of Heroes, to creating your own alien race in Star Trek Online, has repeatedly allowed critics and gamers alike to levy praise for its character creator. Cryptic hopes Neverwinter will be the latest success.

Stuck in the intellectual property of Dungeons & Dragons, Neverwinter can’t have the ridiculous scenarios that, say, Champions Online was capable of. D&D does present multiple avenues of customization in terms of perks, racial abilities and stats.

Appearance, you ask? TrailTurtle covered that as well. The titles from Cryptic’s past should give players “a sense of how many options you’ll have in Neverwinter.” Reduce the infernal appearance of you tiefling, or add additional tattoos, horns and scars to make him more fearsome. It’s all up to you.

Hit the jump for a character customization screenshots gallery and a run down of the current appearance modifications available.

Appearance customization options:

  • Head Shape
  • Hair (shape and color)
  • Eyes (shape and color – some customizable per eye)
  • Eyebrows (fineness and color)
  • Facial Hair (shape and color
  • Skin complexion and color – old/tan, weathered/black, etc.
  • (For certain races) Horn alignment
  • Facial tattoos and their color
  • Scar shapes
  • Sliders for your facial dimensions – neck length, cheek size, etc.
  • Sliders for your body dimensions – hand thickness, leg length, etc.