PAX East 2015: Heroes of the Storm Churning with New Map & Siege-mode Sylvanas

lh_pax_east_heroes_of_the_storm_dabiri_sylvanasWhen you envision the Banshee Queen. The leader of The Forsaken. The undead – as opposed to supposedly alive, but long presumed dead – Windrunner sister you envision an archer, right? One more than capable to hold her own against Arthas. A leader worthy being crowned the Dark Lady lead a newly-free and perpetuating people. Someone strong willed enough to stand up to Garrosh. This person in your mind is a ranger. A bow-wielding, skeleton-raising, life-draining ranger, right?

As we’ve seen with the likes of Thrall and Jaina – ow, I paired them together! – the designer’s behind Heroes of the Storm aren’t taking the most obvious, or, perhaps more poignantly, the most current form of heroes and adding them to the multiverse MOBA. Nope, the team is designing each character to fit a particular role. To fill a niche in gameplay while remaining interesting. Perhaps most importantly, remaining unique. And that’s why at PAX East 2015 it may have come as a surprise that the former Ranger-General is a specialist siege hero.

Technical Director Alan Dibiri details the decision during the Blizzard Entertainment PAX East after party before updating us on the latest details for Tomb of the Spider Queen and oh so much more. Check it all out after the cut!