PAX East 2015: OMD Unchained is a Different Game Come Phase 2 (Interview)

lh_unchained_pax_east_interviewRobot Entertainment has been incredibly transparent while developing Orcs Must Die! Unchained, the third game set in the OMD universe. Early purchases unlocked the two previous installments in the growing tower defense universe and provided access to the TD/MOBA hybrid and access to an exclusive forum. Not to mention being the first to experience the genreific mash up. We first took a crack at Unchained nearly a year ago. Boy has it changed!

There have been numerous patches, some large, some small. They’ve done mundane background changes to massive changes to the UI, general gameplay, and the creation of an entire roster of unique heroes since entering a larger beta process last June. PAX East gave us an opportunity to catch up with producer Chris Rippy to discuss the past and, more importantly, the future of the franchise. The beta feedback has been put to use and applied to create Phase 2, the largest update to the game since that fateful launch day.

We’re talking a full retuning of the title, including one of the deepest (we’re hoping finalized) metagame experiences of any MOBA. Learn the details after the jump.