PAX East 2015: Our First Hands on with Star Trek Timelines

BorgKlingon-fullwebDisruptor Beam announced its intentions to develop a Star Trek video game for mobile devices at PAX East 2014. After managing to secure the rights to A Song of Ice and Fire, grabbing the go ahead for the Star Trek universe didn’t stun us. It certainly did excite our nerd core though. Unfortunately, CEO Jon Radoff couldn’t go into detail. What with it being brand spanking new and all. Effectively, the details included a mobile title that could span any and all of Star Trek, past, present and the expanded universe.

Let’s fast forward a year and throw in some Google Ventures money. This places Jon Radoff back at PAX East with a playable iPad demo in hand. The demo unleashes the full brunt of space thanks to the power of Unity. Pretty wormholes and planets aside, Radoff moves on from technical achievements and spends much of the interview detailing the current philosophies behind the story and quest design before shifting to what makes most gamers stick with an RPG, the loot. Loot being loot, and rewards being rewards, the most interesting aspect is truly the way we’ll be deploying our crew to take on missions and activities of our own development.

For that you’ll have to hit the jump to get the scoop on Star Trek Timelines. We can’t bring Leonard Nimoy back in real life, but Disruptor Beam certainly will be doing so as THE Vulcan Spock.