PAX Prime: Help Save Humanity in The Repopulation

lh_therepopulation_paxprimePherephassa really should be introducing the LoreHound community to The Repopulation. After all, she already has, repeatedly. Simply not in the video interview format we’re about to present to you. She’s the queen of sandbox MMORPG coverage, of which the indie title The Repopulation is most certainly a part of. Developed by Above and Beyond Technologies thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, the MMORPG is set in a postapocalyptic scifi universe. One that’s designed as a throwback to the original run of sandbox successes. The Star Wars Galaxies and Ultima Onlines of the world.

A player’s choice is the driving theme of the world. Not a theme park MMORPG. In The Repopulation players are reacting to their decisions, good and bad. Blending RPG, third- and first-person shooter mechanics delivers incredible possibilities for one’s avatar. Are you looking to focus on being a bad guy? No, not a toxic player, but a villain that’s actually of interest to the universe of players. That’s entirely possible. In fact, it’s a fairly popular choice in the early access stage of TR. Toxic players, as Jennifer Chesnes describes in our interview, deals with their own kind of justice in The Repopulation.

Chesnes has plenty more to chew on. Everything from the incredible support of the community, the Kickstarter campaign and the indie house itself. Catch up on the postapocalyptic scifi universe after the cut. After all, you know it’s good since Pherephassa generated all of the questions!