When Inspiration Strikes: Hoarding Character Names

We’ve discussed our handles, our character names, and the inspiration that led to them. But what about those characters who are made on a whim and then, quickly, all but forgotten? As it turns out, I hoard more than just mounts, pets, gear and random game loot. I also hoard character names — and I’d make a wager that I’m not the only one.

Sometimes, it seems that inspiration just hits. You have a sudden realization that you have found the perfect character name — if ever you want to play such a character. They may not be the most original names — but really. If they’re that awesome, who cares?

Take Tinkerbells up there as an example. She was created on Cataclysm launch day and never again touched. It just seemed the perfect combination. An homage to the ultimate pixie, a reference to the fact that Goblins are born tinkerers (she would be an engineer, of course), plus a hint of the Tinkerballa character who I adore in The Guild. Why a priest? Well, I suppose a hunter would have worked better for that last reference. But I had hoped that I would actually play her, and I’ve been wanting to try out the priest class.

But despite that thought process, she still remains rejected. I’m too faithful to my main. Maybe one day she’ll have her turn to shine.

Psyloq also was created on a whim — I had been enjoying playing Pixielocks in our Instance Gratification runs, and decided to create a warlock on my usual realm. And man, do I love puns. A reference to an x-men character with “lock” in her name just seemed perfect. Although the original spelling was taken,  I liked the variation with a Q. Short, a little less in-your-face of a reference; effective. But she, too has been ignored thusfar. Just like so many others.

Of course, hoarding a name also means that someone else will not be able to use it. I suppose they’ll just have to makedo with their own variations! It also means that I’m taking up several of my available character slots with unused toons. But since I’m no altoholic, no big deal. At least come Patch 4.2, WoWers will be able to rearrange their character order on the login page, so those awesome names can be moved up — or down — depending on your preference!

What awesome character names are you hoarding?


  1. Ya know, if a low level character isn’t used within a set period of time, it’s name can be taken by someone else and you’ll be asked to change your chars name.

    Just saying.

  2. Yeah, I suppose I left that part out. But if I never end up using them then it doesn’t end up mattering. The creation is the fun part. The hoarding, even for a limited amount of time, is bonus :)

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