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WoWFlix: G33k and G4m3r Girls

September 25, 2010 Mordil 10

As I take a short vacation from many obligations this weekend, I stumbled upon this epicly awesome video, courtesy of @pixiestixy. G33K and G4M3R Girls (Geek and Gamer Girls for […]

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WoWFlix: Alexstrasza

August 19, 2010 Heartbourne 8

This needs to be seen. This tickled my fancy well before the Gaga-loving crew at pushed it to the masses. The Taintedlore channel has a lot of great WoW-based […]

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WoWFlix: WoW Meets Portal

May 17, 2010 Heartbourne 4

In honor of Steam’s newfound availability on Macs, and for Portal being free until May 24th, we are going to feature Portal related WoW videos. First up, the classic video […]